Millionaires Club Slot

Millionaire’s Club slot is a superbly entertaining progressive slot machine that allows you to get a taste of the millionaire lifestyle as well as a chance to become a bone fide millionaire yourself. The Millionaire’s Club progressive jackpot starts at a minimum level of $175,000 but can (and often does!) grow to be worth several millions.

Five reels of millionaire symbols feature images of powerboats, sports cars, diamonds, champagne, mansions and more, and when these symbols are found in winning combinations on one or more of the nine Millionaire’s Club pay lines, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. Whether you want to play for a 25p stake, a £5 stake or something in between, Millionaire’s Club slot allows you to do it all from a single machine.

Getting Started
You start your session on the Millionaire’s Club slot progressive slot by selecting your coin value. This is achieved by using your mouse to move the on-screen cursor and clicking on the arrows pointing up or down to increase or decrease the displayed coin value. You then choose how many lines you want to bet on for each spin of the Millionaire’s Club reels – you can play as little as one line or as many as all nine lines, and your bet for each spin will be calculated accordingly. The advantage of playing all nine lines is that it gives you more chances to land that sumptuous progressive jackpot!

When you have chosen the coin value and number of lines that you want to play, the total amount of your bet for the coming spin is displayed in the “Total Bet” window. This gives you an opportunity to make sure that everything is correct before you proceed with the game. If all is as it should be, click the “Spin” button and the five reels of the Millionaire’s Club progressive slot will obey your command.

As with almost all slot machines, the five reels stop in order from left to right. The Millionaire’s Club inner wizardry then checks each of your active pay lines to see if you have any winning combinations of symbols. You can view the combinations that win, and the prizes paid for each, by activating the “Pay Table” button.

All Millionaire’s Club slot winnings from successful pay lines are displayed in the “Paid” window. Your prize money is added to your account (less the cost of your next bet) just as soon as you spin the reels again.

Official Rules
There are a few official rules that all Millionaire’s Club slot players should be aware of from the outset in order to avoid possible misunderstandings or confusion:

  • You should note that wins are paid from left to right only.
  • Should wins on separate pay lines coincide then these will be added together as long as you have played those pay lines.
  • The Millionaire Wheel Bonus Round will be triggered if you get three Millionaire’s Club scatter symbols anywhere on the first, third and third reels (they do not appear on the second or fourth reels).

Millionaire Wheel Bonus Round
The Millionaire Wheel is actually a trio of concentric circles. When the bonus round begins the outermost circle will spin before slowing and then coming to rest at a number or an arrow symbol.

If the circle comes to rest at a number, this number serves as a multiplier. Your bet will be multiplied by the number and the resulting total displayed in the area of the screen marked “Total Bonus”. This ends the bonus round.

If the circle comes to rest at an arrow symbol, the bonus round continues and the action moves to the next circle. As previously, this will start spinning and then come to rest at a number or an arrow symbol, which will either provide you with a multiplier or allow you to proceed to the innermost circle.

Landing on a number of one of the two outermost circles is not an automatic end of bonus round. You can choose to exchange the multiplier for an additional spin of the wheel. If you take this option then your multiplier – and all numbers of equal value – will be replaced by a letter B. Should the wheel come to rest on one of these letters then the bonus round ends (you “Bust) and you will only receive a consolation prize.

In summary, the Millionaire Wheel Bonus Round will end if and when:

  • You accept a multiplier.
  • Your wheel lands on a spot marked “B”.
  • You reach the centre circle.
  • You win the Millionaire’s Club jackpot.

Here’s to your first win!

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